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Having an excellent HoReCa service is a must! There should always be a high-quality service be it in a restaurant, bar, cafe, nightclub or in a small billiard room, otherwise, you will not be able to attract customers. Naturally, a restaurant business is very diverse, and the customer who is not experienced in its intricacies and trends may simply get lost in the fields proposed. But the more important is that the customer of course always takes note of this high level of service.

Therefore, if we think about what really makes a successful restaurant or cafe, and what brings financial growth for such businesses, then we will reach the following conclusions, identifying three main components of such a success:
- attracting new visitors, or creating conditions for a return visit;
- consistent high quality of services and products;
- increase in the average bill through motivation for additional orders.

But the main thing is that the above-mentioned components can only exist if there is improvement in the quality of service.
Polite treatment of visitors determines only 30% of an ideal service. The most important is to, however, pay attention to the development of specific technologies with the use of advanced systems and devices that will ensure an excellent operation of the business from the outset. No matter how friendly your employees smile, the quality of your menu and service comes first and foremost in the minds of your visitors.

That is why today there is need to keep abreast of the times and automate the key processes of a service. The use of computers in various locations will allow you increase the speed of attending to customers, and greatly reduce the likelihood of human error.
Automated personnel call system are a combination of comfort and practicality. After all, with their convenience and efficiency, they ensure your restaurant visitors are attended to at a high level. Visitors do not need to wait for a waiter to pass by before calling for that waiter’s attention. Now your visitors need only to click on a waiter call button, and within moments, a waiter will appear before them.

So if you want your guests to always be satisfied with your services, then automate such services. A waiter call button is one of the necessary solutions that will definitely help you with this task. With this call button, your visitors will be able to quickly call for the attention of a staff and will not have to sit waiting long and endlessly snapping his fingers on the table, shouting for a waiter.

The waiter call system SNAP was designed specifically for the convenience of attending to customers. In addition, it will help you bring the quality of your service to a new, more modern and better level, thereby raising the prestige of your restaurant, cafe or bar. However, the personnel call button is presently being used not only in restaurants and cafes, but also at those facilities such as hotels and medical institutions that require a remote call for prompt service.

Certainly, there are several advantages in using the wireless call system in your business. For example, the cook can use it to call the waiter to the kitchen – sometimes there is this situation where the waiter does not know which meal the cook has already prepared, and a certain meal should be served at the right temperature. If your restaurant is of a high reputation, the waiter call system SNAP solves these problems efficiently. The cook presses a button with the name of the waiter for a particular order. The waiter, in turn, receives the message instantly on his personal pager indicating that a meal is ready for serving. Now when the service of your restaurant or cafe is automated using the waiter call system, you can confidently say that your visitors are receiving a fresh dish just prepared and not a dish warmed up after cooling.

Directors of restaurants, cafes and bars know that it is very important to ensure visitors have a feeling of satisfaction. After all, guests must leave with good emotions and pleasant experiences. In this case, they will surely come back next time and, moreover – will recommend your restaurant to their friends and acquaintances.

It is necessary to note that the quality of service largely depends on how quickly the waiter comes to attend to the customer. With the personnel call system SNAP, guests will no longer languish in waiting. The guests will only need to press the waiter call button located on the table. The waiter will receive instant message on his pager with the number of the service table, and within seconds, he will be there before the customer waiting to receive his orders. In addition, guests can adjust the sound and volume as they may want. The device can operate at distances of up to 500 m. The uniqueness of this system lies in the fact that the call is received precisely by the person who is in charge for a specific area of work.

It is especially effective to use this technology at institutions, where visual control is impossible. This may be facilities with multiple rooms, offices or cabins. Besides, it is convenient to use it in multi-level institutions or in dark rooms (such as cinemas).

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