Personnel call system in bowling and billiards clubs

Personnel call system in bowling and billiards clubs

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Example kit

The cost of the equipment depends on the number of club sections. The price of the call system is also influenced by the chosen model of the equipment. We want to offer an approximate value of the rate of 5 club sections.

Equipment Qty Price
Call button x20 1300 rub.
Timer screen x1 2500 rub.
Total cost 28500 rub.

How it works

You can see how the system works scheme call staff, which describes in detail the principle and efficiency of the equipment.


  • Your visitors will be attended to several times faster than usual.
  • Customers can easily call an instructor or marker at any time.
  • Your employees will have more free time to carry out minor assignments.
  • The administrator will be able to fully supervise the work of his subordinates.
  • With this convenient service, regular customers will often visit your gaming establishments. The innovation attracts new visitors, and as a result, increases your income.

About system

Certainly, a personnel call system will be an excellent tool for quick and comfortable customer service at bowling and billiards clubs.

After all, this technology makes it easy to quickly call a marker or a bowling instructor directly to the table or place, where the players are located. The customer only needs to press the call button located on the table and a personnel will quickly appear.

The use of the call system greatly increases the productivity of your staff. Now, your employees, wherever they are, may receive a call from the customer very quickly. The call signal is displayed on the personal pager of the instructor or marker in charge of a particular area of the hall. The pager displays the table or place from where the signal was received. Therefore, the personnel is always in possession of on-line information and knows who to attend to at any time. In addition, the pager is equipped with an audio signal with a vibration, thereby completely making it impossible to miss a call.

How personnel call system SNAP works

The customer activates the personnel call button. The bowling instructor or marker in charge of a billiard table or bowling lane receives an instant signal on the display of his pager. The number of the place of call is displayed on the pager, and within a few seconds, that bowling instructor or marker is already before the customer.

Moreover, the administrator receives a duplicate signal on the display board with the number of the billiard table or bowling lane, where the presence of an instructor is required at that moment. In this way, the administrator supervises the actions of his subordinates and ensures the customers are satisfied with the quality of service.

If you would like to improve the quality of customer service at your bowling or billiards club, be sure to use the automated wireless personnel call system SNAP. To do this, you only need to contact us through any of the following methods listed in the “Contact Us” section. You can rest assured that you will receive the necessary advice and answers to your questions.

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