Personnel call system in clothing stores and boutiques

Personnel call system in clothing stores and boutiques

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Example kit

The cost of the equipment depends on the number of store sections. The price of the call system is also influenced by the chosen model of the equipment. We want to offer an approximate value of the rate of 5 store sections.

Equipment Qty Price
Call button x5 1300 rub.
Pager x3 2500 rub.
Total cost 14000 rub.

How it works

You can see how the system works scheme call staff, which describes in detail the principle and efficiency of the equipment.


  • Your customers will be attended to several times faster than usual.
  • Buyers can easily beckon to a sales assistant, even if they are located in a very remote area of the store.
  • A visitor to the store can quickly call a seller to the changing room to replace an item if it is not the right size chosen.
  • The store manager can completely control the work of each sales assistant.
  • With this convenient service, your regular customers will often visit your store. The innovation attracts new visitors, and as a result, increases sales.

About system

It's no surprise that any visitor to a store wants to receive a high-quality service. So, create a number of advantages for your store by using the personnel call system.

Be sure that the personnel call system installed in your store will offer additional convenience to your customers, leaving them satisfied. After all, by finding the right thing on the shelves, the buyer does not run around the store looking for a sales assistant for information about the availability of a particular size or characteristics of a new collection. The sales assistant will appear before the customer within seconds after receiving a signal sent from the call button.

Very often customers make a mistake when fitting the size of clothes. Moreover, the customer needs to dress up again and go to the hall for a different size. But in view of the fact that the customer may find it inconvenient to constantly walk and choose a size, and may even take the wrong size again, he may simply leave without making a purchase. Besides, very few people would want to call a sales assistant just for a curtain.

However, the customer will gladly press the personnel call button located in the changing room to call a sales assistant for help. After all, the sales assistant will no doubt offer to bring the required item or the right size in the changing room. Actually, the sales assistant has no need to stand near the changing rooms in anticipation of requests from customers to bring a different size. With his pager, the sales assistant will be able to react to a signal from the booth where his attention is needed. In the end, all your customers will go home satisfied.

How the personnel call system works

The visitor presses the personnel call button installed in the changing room. Then the sales assistant receives an instant message on his pager indicating the number of booth where his help is needed.

In addition, a duplicate of the call signal is sent to the store manager, thereby allowing him to supervise the work of the sales assistant.

The personnel call button is installed in every area in the store in order to be able to call a sales assistant to a particular place in the store. By clicking on it, the customer can be sure that the sales assistant received a message with the specified number of area and that the sales assistant is already on his way to the customer.

If you are interested in the personnel call system SNAP, kindly contact us through any of the following methods listed in the “Contact Us” section. You can rest assured that you will receive the necessary advice and answers to your questions.


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