Personnel call system in electronic supermarkets, construction and grocery stores

Personnel call system in electronic supermarkets, construction and grocery store

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Example kit

The cost of the equipment depends on the number of store sections. The price of the call system is also influenced by the chosen model of the equipment. We want to offer an approximate value of the rate of 5 store sections.

Equipment Qty Price
Call button x5 1300 rub.
Pager x5 2500 rub.
Total cost 19000 rub.

How it works

You can see how the system works scheme call staff, which describes in detail the principle and efficiency of the equipment.


  • Your customers will receive a higher and better level of service.
  • Buyers can easily call a sales assistant, even if they are located in a very remote area of the store.
  • The administrator can completely control the work of each sales assistant.
  • The guard responds quickly to any call where his presence is urgently needed.
  • The manager instantly receives a signal about the place where his intervention is needed.
  • The anager or administrator can quickly summon an employee.
  • With this convenient service, regular customers will often visit your store. The innovation attracts new visitors, and as a result, increases sales.

About system

If you have a large supermarket or store, where customers often need to consult a professional staff, then the personnel call system SNAP will be very useful in raising the level of service and, as a result – the image of your retail outlet or network.

The wireless personnel call systems are simple and easy to use:

  • When a visitor presses the call button placed in each department of a supermarket, the sales assistant immediately receives the signal on the screen of his pager with the number of the department, where his presence is needed.
  • The display board of the manager also receives duplicate signal indicating the department, where the buyer requires the attention of a specialist. This enables the manager to monitor the work of sales assistants.
  • The remote call button can be positioned at the cash desk to be used by a cashier to call the guard when needed. The guard will instantly receive the signal indicating the number of the cash desk where his presence is needed.
  • There can also be a situation where the administrator needs to be called – an additional button for this purpose can be installed. When the button is pressed, the administrator receives a message that indicates the number of department or cash desk, where his presence is needed.

If you are interested in the personnel call system SNAP, kindly contact us through any of the following methods listed in the “Contact Us” section. You can rest assured that you will receive the necessary advice and answers to your questions.

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