Personnel call systems in fast food restaurants

Personnel call systems in fast food restaurants

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Example kit

The cost of the equipment depends on the number of restaurants operated tables. The price of the call system is also influenced by the chosen model of the equipment. We want to offer an approximate value of the rate of 20 tables.

Equipment Qty Price
Call button x20 1300 rub.
Timer screen x1 2500 rub.
Total cost 28500 rub.

How it works

You can see how the system works scheme call staff, which describes in detail the principle and efficiency of the equipment.


  • Your customers will be attended to several times faster than usual.
  • Customers may easily call a waiter at any time.
  • Waiters will have more free time to carry out minor assignments.
  • The administrator will be able to fully supervise the work of his subordinates.
  • A meal will be served actually hot because the cook will be able to instantly call the waiter to the kitchen.
  • If a customer decides to make an additional order, the waiter will instantly receive the information on his pager.
  • With this convenient service, regular customers will often visit your fast food restaurant. The innovation attracts new visitors, and as a result, increases your income.

About system

Personnel (waiter) call systems are call systems based on wireless communication with the customer. This technology can be used to quickly respond to the current demands and requests of guests, raising the quality of service. Personnel call systems have become very popular in various VIP facilities such as restaurants and cafes, nightclubs and entertainment centers, hotels and casinos.

An automated personnel (waiter) call system is used in places where it is impossible to visually control all rooms, tables or booths. That is why today, the remote waiter call button is becoming increasingly important even in the area of fast food catering.

It should be noted that the main advantage of the waiter (personnel) call systems is that they can be used to serve customers with high quality – customers will no longer need to personally search for a waiter across the hall or shout to attract attention. They only need to press the personnel call button, and having received an instant signal, the waiter will in seconds appear before the customer. The use of this system makes it possible to greatly improve the speed and quality of your service.

The system is very convenient and easy to use. The visitor presses the personnel call button located on the table. The waiter immediately receives a message on his personal pager indicating the number of the table, where his presence is needed.

The manager also receives a duplicate signal on his control screen, which allows him to supervise the work of the waiter. A call button is also located in the kitchen, which a cook can use to call a waiter to the kitchen. The waiter's pager will receive a message that he is needed in the kitchen.

If you are interested in the waiter (personnel) call system SNAP, kindly contact us through any of the following methods listed in the “Contact Us” section. You can rest assured that you will receive the necessary advice and answers to your questions.

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