SNAP-230 How do I replace the battery in the button call staff.

Call Button personnel of this model is little different from their counterparts. In this case, if there is a need to replace the battery, first using a small Phillips screwdriver to remove screws that attach the bottom of the shell to the core.

Three screws are removed and then be off the bottom of the device. Inside the case we see the card, the red wire and battery in a special mount. The battery is a battery of 12 volts - L1028. It's easy to remove and put in place a new one.

Take care not to damage the red wire, which is the antenna. If the damage the wires can break the correctness of the waiter call button. And because of this seemingly small things wireless call system personnel may be disrupted, leading to customer dissatisfaction.
But if you do everything as shown in the video review, you can be sure that the staff call button will function as it should.

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