SNAP-310 Call Button personnel. Video review.

Wireless call system SNAP staff consists of several elements. One important element is, of course, directly the waiter call button. With it, visitors are always able to quickly bring to their table attendants.
In the video review, the operator will tell you how to use this device and how convenient to fix the call button on a table or other surface. Actually, the call button is a square electronic device the size of 60 * 60mm with a height of only 30mm. Depending on your staff call button can be brown, black or white. This allows you to aesthetically integrate it into a different color design of the room.
Included with the call button is the key with which you can gently remove the bottom panel of the device. This panel is easily attached with two screws to any surface and can easily snap the very top of the call button. Now the button will be tied tightly to their fastenings, which will protect the unit from being stolen.
Easy finger pressing a button - and a signal is transmitted on the air. This signal is the waiter gets to the pager instantly, so you can quickly make your reservation. When lit red LED indicates that your signal is sent to the waiter.

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