SNAP-310 How do I replace the battery in the button call staff.

Button to call the waiter is part of a wireless call system personnel SNAP. It is conveniently mounted on a table in the restaurant and allows the client if necessary, to quickly call the waiter to the table.

Video review has found the technique of quick and easy replacement of the battery in the button call staff. The battery is a 12-volt battery L1028, which is fixed inside the call button.
So, using a special key that comes with a button, we release the mounting plate. It should be noted that by using this panel button to call the waiters quickly and securely to any surface.
Next, you should use a small Phillips screwdriver to remove the four mounting bolts and remove the bottom cover shell buttons. Then do the replacement batteries and assemble the unit in reverse order.

Remember, when making a replacement battery call button, try not to damage the wire antenna, located on the inner perimeter of the button, or the range of the device can be changed, and the quality of the drop.

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