SNAP-550 How do I replace the battery in the button call staff.

In this video you will see how we can change the battery yourself from the waiter call button on the base table tent for further use. Strictly specific example is given to any waiter could, if necessary, to quickly restore the device to work with.
Housing table awning bears three screws, keep the lid on the bottom of the device. It should take a small Phillips screwdriver and unscrew the screws. Next, remove the lid and remove the small battery out of the ditch. Then, according to the poles to put a new one. The battery is used 12 volts battary L1028.

After installing new batteries in the refrigerator table tent call the waiter you tighten the lower lid with the bolt back. By clicking on the button, you have the opportunity to see the health unit. Pressing the call button to the right of these personnel should light indicator is red. This means that table tent is ready for further operation.

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