SNAP-550 Table tent call staff. Video review.

In this video you will learn to review another useful element of a wireless call system personnel SNAP. Teybl tent is a device on which the buttons call the waiter, as well as an opening for inserting special offers (for example, a business lunch) in paper form, located under the organic glass.
Actually, teybl tent performs the same function as any call button, but each of them in this case is more and more information. At teybl tent are four buttons call the waiter and one cancel button the previous command.
The client, if he wants to make a reservation or call the waiter to serve the table, click the call button, respectively, "order" or "service". At the waiter's pager receives a message with the number of table and figure - the number of the team. There is also a call button "drink" and the call button "account." If a visitor clicks on the "account", the waiter appears on the display also has a table number and the figure-command, signaling that a guest wants to pay.
Teybl awning call the waiter can extend the functionality of the system call staff. For the waiters as well as such a device makes it easy to work - they are less distracted, saving time and your client.

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