SNAP-710 How work as a watch-pager. Video review.

Wireless call system personnel SNAP assume a pager for a waiter. The pager is manufactured as a watch and, at the expense of small size, convenient attached to the wrist of the waiters. Aesthetic appearance of the device adds elegance to your staff, regardless of whether a girl or a boy.
In the overview video, you can observe the work of a waiter pager. The principle of operation of the device is very simple. When a customer sits down at his desk, he presses the button call the waiter. The latter receives an instant signal to a pager number to the table where his presence is required. Highlighting the device makes it possible to determine where the call even in darkened rooms.
The rest of the pager functions as a clock showing the correct current time. This handy device allows the waiter to reduce the time to bother, quickly taking the order of the guests. Customers, in turn, receive service at a higher level. It is obvious that such a system call to increase their immediate comfort in the institution.

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