SNAP-800 display brief instructions for setting up

Electronic display SNAP-order model 800 is a great element of a wireless call system personnel, because the device helps you make to improve the system, providing a more comfortable customer service.

In this review, as you'll see how it is possible and necessary to program the board orders a different waiter call buttons. To do this you need to include board and take the call button, which you would like to link to this display.

On top of orders placed on the scoreboard controls. So, you must first press and within 3 seconds of holding the FUN (function) as long as the display will show F1. Then you have to press ENTER. After that we go into programming mode.

To select the upper or lower group of digits to set the table and the room number, you must use the button MUVE. This movement between the upper and lower side. In order to establish the required number to the number of the hall and stage, you should press the UP or DOWN. This will allow, respectively, increase or decrease the digit (number).

After selecting the desired hall and room table, brought to the board orders the waiter call button and click it. The characteristic sound of the display indicates that the button is bound to set the numbers on the scoreboard table and hall.

Now that the visitor will reap the button on the display will show its location in a particular room. This allows you to optimize your staff and provide better service to the customer.

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