SNAP-800 The display of the system of orders call staff

Waiter Call System SNAP in this video talks about the electronic display (display) orders. The model in question in the survey is intended to show ongoing calls from customers of different tables and multiple rooms. With its small form and presentable, the display can be placed in the room without worrying about the fact that it will spoil the elegant design of your institution.

On the back of the display (display) orders are the holes in order that it can be securely fixed to the wall. On top of board orders a series of buttons to configure and work correctly, as there are available for the power supply connector and a button to "on-off". Also, the display (display) is equipped with a retractable antenna and speaker.

The displays two orders of numbers - the top and bottom. One group is intended to show the numbers of the table, and another - the hall. Key personnel or call teybl awning attached to the display order according to their placement on the tables and rooms.

When the customer presses a button call the waiter, the display shows the number of the table, behind which sits a visitor, and the number of halls, where is this table. If at this time no calls, the display shows the current time.

Please note that the display comes complete with power supply and fixing nails.

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