SNAP-811 display. Short instructions for configuring

Wireless call system personnel SNAP offers a video review of a model of the electronic scoreboard orders. A very aesthetic design makes it possible to display its beautiful location in the interior of the institution.

An electronic display (LCD) orders are duplicated ringtones waiters from different tables and rooms. The display displays two sections of digits, separated with dashes. In the first section of the display shows three digit numbers to display the numbers table, and in the second section - two digit numbers to show the numbers of the hall.

Display settings (electronic display), and binding to it and call buttons teybl tent by using special buttons located under the cover. To do this, remove the lid from the side display a slight movement of the finger. Before us there is a panel with several buttons settings. Press and hold button for about three seconds, FUN, until the display shows F1. Next, click the button ENTER. Now, an electronic scoreboard system call staff is in programming mode.

Setup begins with a set number of the hall. Press the UP button as many times as necessary to achieve the desired digits - the number of halls. To move to the next section to configure the number table you must click MOVE. Turning to this section, you should also press the UP button to set the desired room table.

And now just a call to bind the device to the electronic scoreboard waiter orders. This may be a button to call the waiter or the Awning teybl. Hold the device to the display and press any button. The melodious sound is on the board determines that the button is attached to the assigned number on the display table and the audience.

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